Gold Plating meets TV’s Billionaire’s Babies

Young Gold Plating Specialist shows the way: Rob Mitchell, based in the Medway Towns in Kent shows how a combination of hard work and talent can earn you success – however young or old you are.

Working from a small studio in his Dad’s Repair Garage Rob had carved out a name which has been further enhanced by his appearance on Channel 5’s TV programme Billionaire’s Babies. This was subsequently followed up by being featured on Kent’s own local TV station KMTV 2 months later.

The image at the head of this page shows the 24k gold plated bicycle that was created by Rob and featured in the TV show.

He has clients from all over the world with some of his gold plated ‘sculptures’ showing in many top rated Art Galleries around the world.

Full details of his achievements, as well as links to his various unique talents on many different art forms can be found here.

Starting A New Business

Ultimate Gold Plating Kit

Starting A New Business is both an exciting and a daunting experience for most people and must not be entered into lightly. If you are considering doing this yourself you are not alone. 672,890 start ups were founded in the UK in the 2018/2019 tax year – that is a staggering 1,843.5 per day.

In January of this year a survey showed that 64% of Britain’s workforce wanted to start their own business

There are many factors to consider when selecting any new business – as opposed to buying an existing one, which are always much more expensive as someone has done all the work for you over many years.

If your chosen business is one for which you have good working knowledge and experience then it is probably that knowledge and experience that will help you succeed.

If however you are choosing a type of business that simply appeals to you, but for which you have no experience then outside support is imperative. This can come in the form of paid for consultancies and other agencies, or support from the company you buy that business from.

The failure rate of start-up businesses is somewhat high due to their lack of business experience as well as the lack of funds from the buyer.

Due to very high professional fees this way is probably more expensive than just buying an established business in the first place.

However of your budget prevents you from either if those options then expecting support from a company that makes its money from just selling business opportunities, you are unlikely to receive sufficient support from them as they will move on to selling more business opportunities.

After founding the No 1 supplier and most voted for supplier of gold plating kit business opportunities in 2005, Terry George has turned his attention to helping a smaller number of the more determined business opportunity seekers in the UK.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in this specific niche marketplace it gives a limited number of entrepreneurs a fast-track to success otherwise not available elsewhere.

After announcing this change in direction of the 27th July this year he is now offering his services to just 2 clients a month.



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