No More Travelling

No More Travelling: Working from home

If there is one positive to come out of the Covid-19 Pandemic it is that commuting to work. It has a much larger impact on people’s lives as well as the environment as was realised.

With the enforced application of Lockdown, people have come to realize just how much negativity. There is attached to both the time and cost of travelling to and fro work as well as the cost to the environment.

When it is considered that all the time spent commuting each week has a negative effect on the quality of their family life socially and economically. There has to be a better way to proceed.

Working from home allows people and families to have more choice of when they work and when they ‘play’.

It is also becoming more and more self-evident. The benefits to the environment – especially in large cities – reduces the amount of air pollution quite dramatically.

As well as benefiting them and their family’s own health, the accumulative benefits to the environment are huge.

If this were replicated globally it would be a massive change away from how we are damaging the planet.

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