Gold Plating meets TV’s Billionaire’s Babies


Gold Plating meets TV’s Billionaire’s Babies

Young Gold Plating Specialist shows the way: Rob Mitchell, based in the Medway Towns in Kent shows how a combination of hard work and talent can earn you success – however young or old you are.

Rob came to us over 10 years ago and purchased one of our gold plating kits and had a 1 day training course to get him started.
It did not take him long to demonstrate that he had the drive and determination to succeed in the world of gold plating.
Over many years now he has created a huge following on Instagram and receives orders daily from all over the world for both his plating and his art.

Working from a small studio in his Dad’s Repair Garage Rob, Gold Plating Specialist had carved out a name which has been further enhanced by his appearance on Channel 5’s TV programme Gold Plating meets TV’s Billionaire’s Babies

This was subsequently followed up by being featured on Kent’s own local TV station KMTV 2 months later.

The image at the head of this page shows the 24k gold plated bicycle that was created by Rob and featured in the TV show.

He has clients from all over the world with some of his gold plated ‘sculptures’ showing in many top rated Art Galleries around the world.

Full details of his achievements, as well as links to his various unique talents on many different art forms, can be found here.